December 12, 2017

Think and Grow RichProduct: Think and Grow Rich
Author: Napoleon Hill
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Review Date: March 16, 2011
Category: Personal Development / Audio Programs
Rating: ***** 5 / 5

Think and Grow Rich Review

In a world where ideas come and go like fireflies on a summer night, it is only the most useful and original which stand the test of time.  Think and Grow Rich is a monument to good sense and ideas that work.  It is as important today as it was the day it was published.

Napoleon Hill’s text has now sold over 10 millioin copies and has become a model for more successful people than any other book of its kind.  In fact 74 years after its publication, Think and Grow Rich is still among the top 10 best-selling business and success books ever written.  Thousands upon thousands of people have applied the formulas offered in Think and Grow Rich to create wealth, personal enrichment, and the self-esteem that achievement brings.

Available from Nightingale-Conant on audio, you’ll listen and learn the importance of self-direction and organized planning.  Discover the secret of auto-suggestion and master-mind association.  You’ll learn to overcome fear, lack of self-confidence, and money worries.

Think and Grow Rich was a project based on the achievement principles of Andrew Carnegie and over 500 other successful men.   The project took Napoleon Hill 20 years to complete.  No book or work of its kind has influenced more people than Think and Grow Rich.

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